About The Walnut Grove

The Walnut Grove, founded in 2014, is a 501c(3) non-profit organization formed to develop all-inclusive indoor and outdoor recreational facilities designed for those with special needs. 

After much reflection and input from the community, it was determined that there is not a place in the community for people with special needs; a place where ALL children could be children and enjoy many of the same child-like benefits as their typical peers.  This is when The Walnut Grove was incorporated.

The Walnut Grove Playground Committee was tasked with the job of surveying the community to determine the playground needs, researching equipment and finding a company that was easy to work with and could help make the The Walnut Grove’s vision a reality.  As the Playground Committee began this process, they were motivated with keeping in mind that children with special needs have a strong desire to belong and engage in  activities with other children.  So, how could the committee make their world better and accomplish their mission?  The answer: A dedicated environment for people of all abilities to gather and enjoy.
The Mission of the Walnut Grove Playground is to provide a recreational playground where individuals of all abilities are able to Learn Through Play and enjoy the freedom to interact with their peers. 
The Walnut Grove Playground will increase the value of the community, and draw families from all over the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania as well as rewarding local businesses.  The simple idea of bringing those individuals together and providing them with experiences such as: the joy of climbing, spinning, balancing, swinging, communicating and learning is a memory that will stay with them forever.


Who Will Benefit from The Walnut Grove?

The target population for this project is children with visual and/or physical impairments, on the Autism Spectrum, have low muscle tone, as well as their families. The playground equipment will not be limited to those with special needs, so that their siblings and the community as a whole can utilize the facility while never loosing focus on those for whom this project began.

Goals of The Walnut Grove

Expand play opportunities for children of all abilities, especially those who face obstacles that impede their full participation, bringing children and families together in a warm inviting positive atmosphere of play. It should enhance the quality of life for children with disabilities by providing a challenging barrier-free playground that they can enjoy with their typical able bodied peers and friends without frustration, ridicule, fear, or being left out due to their inability to master playground equipment.

· To be able to provide enough equipment for all children of all abilities from ages 2 through 12 years of age.

· To be able to provide a variety of social interaction during play

· All children need to belong, they need to have a sense of unity and normalcy with other children.

· To be able to meet the large motor and developmental needs for age groups mentioned above providing challenging obstacles as well as therapeutic.

· To bring awareness of inclusion to communities in the surrounding areas.

· To bring a variety of recreational play experiences for both children and their families.

Please Help us Build the BEST Special Needs Playground in Northeast Ohio

Help us move forward with The Walnut Grove and give local, special needs children a safe and happy place to be themselves. Your generous support is very much appreciated!